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    Uncle Pigeon is a Chicago-based quartet led by songwriters Joey Acopiado (Lead Guitar/Vocals) and Karl Kirkpatrick (Guitar/Vocals), featuring also the performances of Phin Gleber (Drums) and Henry Carpender (Bass).

  The desire to create a unique fusion of Alternative and Americana is at the heart of the project, and so it's fortunate that each of the birds come from a wildly eclectic musical background.  From Radiohead to the Allman Brothers Band, a diverse span of influences serve the sound of Uncle Pigeon — and the result is something truly all their own.  From short and sweet uptempo pieces to longer poetic and emotional ballads, a set by Uncle Pigeon contains a diverse range of passionate compositional tones.

    The tunes are brought to life by a group of four who all sing, all contribute their heart on an instrument of choice, and most of all: have a deep longing to present meaningful songs with a fire.


    As of May 19th, 2023, the EP, "The Electrical Audio Sessions" is available on all streaming platforms.


More exciting announcements on the way.

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