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    Uncle Pigeon is a Chicago-based quartet led by songwriters Joey Acopiado and Karl Kirkpatrick, featuring also the performances of Phin Gleber (drums) and Henry Carpender (bass/vocals/trombone).

  The quartet incorporates many exciting and musically lush influences from the late 20th century, such as the Allman Brothers Band, Steely Dan, ZZ Top, and the Atlanta Rhythm Section.  But Pigeon has never been known to perform a loyal arrangement.  When this quartet takes the stage, you'll find all of these classic tunes turned up loud and performed with the unique craftsmanship of a modern rock ensemble.  Aside from their blues and southern rock roots — Pigeon features a style of original songwriting that nods its head, subtly, to 90s/2000s Alternative & Indie.  Through all of their influences, Uncle Pigeon creates a bluesy pop fusion that is truly all their own.

  In 2023, Uncle Pigeon is continuing to make their mark, providing audiences with a firey and truly original stage show.  You'll surely want to catch one of their upcoming performances.


    As of May 19th, their new EP, "The Electrical Audio Sessions" is available on all streaming platforms.


More exciting announcements on the way.

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